Greetings from Lake Athabasca!

As we end another season without our friends and family at camp, we wanted to send an update as to the progress of the camp throughout the summer months. We were presented with numerous challenges throughout the summer, as the ice on the lake didn’t allow us to get to camp until mid June, and temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees at the beginning of July.  Wildfires were prevalent in Canada this summer, and came extremely close to camp forcing us to evacuate for a brief time. The fire crews came in and set up sprinklers throughout camp, as well as on the ridge across from the lodge; bombers were dispatched to drop retardant behind camp, as skimmers dropped water on the ridge. The camp survived an extremely close call, and we were able to successfully build four new beautiful log cabins.

We are all very hopeful that things will be back to normal next season, and we will be able to have all of our friends and family  back to enjoy the great fishing, tranquility, and camaraderie. We are currently taking reservations for the 2022 season and beyond, we look forward to seeing you.

Shane Pogue
Athabasca Fishing Lodge