Trophy Fishing

Athabasca is the “Super Bowl” of Fishing

Guests at Athabasca Fishing Lodges enjoy a caliber of fishing that is second to none. The expectations of the most discriminating angler are met every day with challenges and experiences that you’ll remember for years to come.

Local Fish

Northern Pike

Northern Pike over 20 lbs. are common. The lodge record and provincial record is 55 inches. Our guests report catching more pike than in past years, with many 50 inches and higher.  

Best Time: Pike fishing remains outstanding throughout the season. Check out the exceptional pike action on our videos. 

Tackle Tip: 5 of Diamonds 3 to 4 inches work best. Len Thompson #2 or #4 or any other type of spinner or spoon the same length works well. Twitching lures and rubber mice or frogs are fun for top water action.  

Lake Trout

Lake Trout always provide a challenge. In these cold waters, they grow to enormous sizes, with 30 pounders and even 50 pounders! A new provincial record measuring 51 inches in length and with a 36-inch girth was calculated to be 82-83 pounds.

Best Time: June and July, the last week of August, and first 2 weeks of September. See the huge lakers on our videos.

Tackle Tip: Large Flatfish 6 to 8 inches, and large jointed trolling lures work great.

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling, the “sailfish of the north” offer a lively diversion from the “tackle busting” tactics of the Pike and Lake Trout. Try catching Grayling on ultra-light spinning gear or a fly rod. Lodge record is a 22-inch Grayling.

Best Time: Mid-June to the end of the season.

Tackle Tip: Small spoons and spinner baits work the best.


Walleye are favorites with most guests, and are abundant in the river outlets and right in front of the lodge. Walleye average about 2-5 pounds, and our guests report catching walleye weighing up to 7.5 pounds.

Best Time: June and July, and first 3 weeks of August.

Tackle Tip: Jig heads tipped with soft plastics, like Mister Twister split tail, work really well.


Experience a day or more of remote fly-in fishing at any of the several lakes and rivers near the lodge. Our float plane will take you to areas where you’ll find the thrill of hooking fish awaiting their first glance of a “Five of Diamonds”. *Inquire for Pricing and Availability

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