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Athabasca is home to some of the most spectacular scenery the north has to offer, and there’s no better way to experience it than with one of our Scenic Flying Tours.

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Explore some of the most beautiful and remote sand dunes in the world 

The south shore of Lake Athabasca boasts the largest sand dunes in Canada and the largest this far north anywhere in the world. Flying over this unique landscape is nothing short of awe-inspiring. We see massive dune fields, forests being buried by advancing sand, rivers looking like narrow ribbons sandwiched between forest and towering dunes, and mile after mile of gorgeous beaches. The highlight comes as we circle around the delta of the William River and look down on the shallow sand-choked river which reveals a magical combination of contours and colours. *Inquire for Pricing and Availability

World Famous Athabasca Sand Dunes

Hunt Falls and Grease River Canyons

Fly over some of the most spectacular waterfalls that Canada has to offer

Northern Saskatchewan is rich in scenic waterfalls, but Hunt Falls is the big daddy of them all. Not only are these falls big, but the pristine wilderness setting is outstanding, with cliff-lined Eagle Rock Lake just above the falls, and a beautiful deep canyon downstream. The scenery is non-stop on this flight, as we follow the mighty Grease River to its outlet on Lake Athabasca where it races through a steep and narrow gorge. *Inquire for Pricing and Availability

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Historic Mining Towns Tour

We head across Lake Athabasca to Uranium City, once a large and thriving town before the mine closed. On the way, we fly over the ghost town and abandoned mine at Gunnar, which at one time was the largest uranium producer around. We also fly over Goldfields, site of an early gold mine. The surrounding countryside is rugged and exceptionally scenic Canadian Shield.

Side Trip to a Dene Indian Village

Take a side trip by boat to visit our neighbors at the village of Fond du Lac. This is a perfect opportunity to see what day to day life is like in the north, guided by people who live there. Get in touch with the rich Dene culture or shop for locally made handcrafts.

Northwest Territories Border and Beyond

Here’s a chance to go “North of 60”. We fly north across the 60th Parallel, which marks the border between Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. We travel through a vast and wild landscape of forest, Canadian Shield, and countless lakes. Time and weather permitting, we could land at a lake in the Territories for a picnic lunch.

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