I wanted to drop you a note and tell you again how much fun Carl, Ron and I had at your place. I assume it feels bittersweet to close up in the next week or so for the last time. I went back and looked to see when I thought my first visit with my father-in-law, Carl Lee, occurred. The best I can tell, it happened in 1991 but I am not sure. I know the first couple of visits the Beaver was the transportation. There are so many good memories, and hopefully, the changes the new owner makes will only enhance what has become a very special place for my son and myself.

While I was out fished by my crew, the camaraderie was terrific. I’m attaching some fishing photos for the website. Notice there are none of me. Always the good host. I made sure that my brother-in-law and son caught bigger and more fish than I did, I need to fix that!

The ability to get a fly-out/in was so much appreciated. My brother-in-law, Ron, had so much fun talking flying with you.