Dear Shane, Christine, and Camp Staff:

I speak for all the guys when I say thank you very much for making our visit extraordinary!

Every aspect of the trip was great – the fishing, the hospitality, the meals, boats, and guides.  I personally thank Christine for her kindness, responsiveness, knowledge, and can-do attitude in making my job as coordinator as efficient and easy as it could be.

We are all looking forward to July 8th to July 15th next year.  I believe you have deposits for each of this years’ fishermen.  If not, please let me know.

Here are some thoughts on non-essential, but helpful additions – small coffeemaker in each cabin; an inexpensive fish finder for each boat showing depth, water temperature, GPS, and Fish Finder; “pee” can for each boat; and a measuring tape on the gunwale or floor of each boat (helps get the fish back in the water faster).

As I said, thank you! I don’t know how the experience could be better, but I am certain if it can be, you all will find a way to make it happen.


Chris Melson